HOW it all began

The original idea of the product hit me one day because I became annoyed with having to ask people in the gym if they were using a bench because their shaker was setting on it. Clearly they weren’t and that was the only bench available. At the same time I also realized I got tired of having to bend down and pick it up to take a drink after every set.

So I started thinking about something that had a strap with a cup holder that I could carry from pieces of equipment. Then I realized that would just be one more thing that I had to carry into the gym and I didn’t want to have to do that.

One day, funny enough, someone came up to me and asked if I was using a bench because my shaker was setting on it. As I apologized and moved it, it occurred to me to look around the gym and find a solution. It was at that moment that I realized something that I never realized before; everything in the gym is made of metal.

It was that day in January 2016 that Attract Iron was born. And through several different ideas, developments, and testing we have arrived at the best solution to meet this problem, and AFIXT is the answer.

Shaun, Owner and Founder of Attract Iron, LLC

Meet Shaun

Shaun Hansel is the founder and creator of Attract Iron, LLC. Shaun is a veteran and an accomplished member of the United States Air Force at the 121st Air Refueling Wing in Columbus, Ohio. He was involved in sports at an early age and has a passion for exercise and weight training. Being active and living a healthy lifestyle, apart from the clear physiological and psychological benefits, is important to him because he believes it builds a foundation for all good habits to form.

Shaun believes being physically fit and dieting properly allows him to think and function more clearly. He is very goal-oriented and loves working out his mind as well as his body. Creating new ideas and solving everyday problems for the everyday gym goer is his mission. Shaun is obsessed with efficiency and in his mind there is no reason that just because you are working hard in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your effort and energy toward the desired goal with no energy wasted.